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About Me

My name is Joseph, I am 9 years old and I have been playing the Ukulele now for a few years. I started learning to play the ukulele at my local Primary School in Somerset.

Joseph Uke

I love to perform music that people know and can enjoy. I always have fun and hope that you’d join in singing along, dancing and having a great time with me.

Songs I play vary range from Bob Marley, Beetles, Elvis to Jason Mraz and Panic at The Disco.

 At school I was given homework to make a musical instrument, obviously I chose a ukulele.
Making a Ukulele
School project make a musical instrument – Oak Ukulele

I am very lucky enough to have performed on several occasions supporting a great local band The Drovers. Both my grandads are part of the band playing very different instruments though, one playing the Trumpet the other the Bass Guitar.

Check out there website for when they are next performing and you never know I maybe supporting them

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